Shawnee County Sheriff’s Office

Working in partnership with the community to protect and serve with honor, integrity, and professionalism.

Shawnee County Sheriff

Emergency Notification

Internal Resources


Communications Division
Jeremy Rabb (Director) 785.251.2368
Lieutenant John Ostenson (Assistant Commander) 785.251.2297
Melanie Bergers (Assistant Director) 785.251.2200
Roberta Fazel (Office Assistant) 785.251.2375


First Shift

Susan Wempe (Floor Supervisor) 785.251.2200
Sara Roberts (Shift Supervisor) 785.251.2200

Second Shift

Dawn Frey (Floor Supervisor) 785.251.2200
Lacey Mulford (Shift Supervisor) 785.251.2790
Erin Harrell (Shift Supervisor) 785.251.2200

Third Shift

Kim Ragan (Shift Supervisor) 785.251.2200
Nicholas Hill (Shift Supervisor) 785.251.2200


Dawn Frey (Training Manager) 785.251.2200

Radio Services

Brad Morris (Radio Technician) 785.251.2200