Shawnee County Sheriff’s Office

Working in partnership with the community to protect and serve with honor, integrity, and professionalism.

Shawnee County Sheriff

Emergency Notification

Internal Resources


Criminal Investigation Division
Captain Tom Bronaugh 785.251.2203
Lieutenant Scott Askew 785.251.2313

Criminal Investigation Unit

Sergeant Andrew Dale 785.251.2310
Detective James Mummey 785.251.2212
Detective Emily Adams 785.251.2316
Detective Justin Roberts 785.251.2251
Detective Kevin Kasl 785.251.2248
Detective Ryan Myers 785.251.2262
Detective Stephanie Dicken 785.251.2224

Criminal Interdiction

Deputy Brian Rhodd 785.251.2760
Deputy Tracy Trammel 785.251.2547

Computer Forensics

Corporal Thad Winkelman 785.251.2583

Crime Scene Investigation/Property Room Unit

Sergeant Eric Coffin 785.251.2353
Deputy Matthew Akers 785.251.2577
Deputy Brett Hoss 785.251.2571
Janelle Barnes 785.251.2220
Julie Heinrich 785.251.2225

Narcotics Unit

Narcotics Office 785.251.2232                

Offender Registration Unit

Detective Dustin Carlat 785.251.2231
Karli Koci 785.251.2332
Deputy Ashley Previty 785.251.2208

Records Unit

Cecilia Craig (Supervisor) 785.251.2308
Juston Drake 785.251.2290
Rhonda Hawkins 785.251.2294
Virginia Best 785.251.2294
Jennifer Newman 785.251.2290
Erin Subelka 785.251.2290
Jacque Blanch (Supervisor) 785.251.2293
Danny Peterson 785.251.2290
Shelby Tejada 785.251.2507