Shawnee County Sheriff’s Office

Working in partnership with the community to protect and serve with honor, integrity, and professionalism.

Shawnee County Sheriff

Emergency Notification

Internal Resources


Services Division
Captain Shane Hoobler 785.251.2281
Lieutenant Akim Reynolds 785.251.2241

Fleet, Inventory, and Reception

Sergeant Todd Good 785.251.2205

Fleet Services Unit

Jeff Rhoads 785.251.6095
Joey Parker 785.251.6095
Brian Robb 785.251.6095

Inventory Control Unit

Glenda Anderson 785.251.2321


Lezlie Vargas 785.251.2200

Process Unit

Sergeant Kiley Rice 785.251.2300
Deputy John Huball 785.251.2522
Deputy Ed Nelson 785.251.2540
Debbie Wells 785.251.2304
Dolly Brown 785.251.2305
Lee Jones 785.251.2513
Heather Hicks 785.251.2249
Steve Krueger 785.251.2249
Wayne Beaman 785.251.2249
Virginia Vowinckel 785.251.2302
Andrea Tilghman 785.251.2303

Warrants Unit

Sergeant Chris Keys 785.251.2263
Corporal John Burghart 785.251.2506
Deputy John Peterson 785.251.2555
Deputy James Ward 785.251.2562
Deputy Aaron Schmidtlein 785.251.2524
Vicki Gideon-Mauer (Transports) 785.251.2277
Jodi Child 785.251.2272
Rhonda Handley 785.251.2274
Barbara Lewis (Main Number) 785.251.2348
Warrant Information 785.251.2278