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November 30, 2018


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Text 911

The Shawnee County Sheriff’s Office Communications Center (SCECC) has propelled into the future with the implementation of a new 911 phone system! The NextGeneration (NextGen) 911 phone system was installed this week, replacing the Legacy 911 system. The implementation of the NextGen 911 system will provide many benefits to both the SCECC and Shawnee County citizens.

NextGen911 will allow for:

• The ability to send SMS text to 911(the sender must have a data plan and cell phone must not be in roaming status)

• SMS texting provides an alternative method of contacting 911 that can be effective in certain situations. Some examples would be for domestic violence incidents, reporting of human trafficking, or other situations where the voice calls may endanger the caller

• NextGen 911 comes with a statewide mapping system which allows Dispatchers to pinpoint the caller’s location more accurately

• Provides the hearing-impaired community with a new, effective, and immediate way to contact 911

• Enhances the ability to work with other 911 Centers across the state in the event of a major emergency.

Although the NextGen 911 system allows for SMS text, it is imperative that callers, if possible, contact 911 through a voice call rather than SMS text. Dispatchers are able to gather extensive information through a voice call much quicker than a SMS text.

Let’s make Topeka the Safest Capital City in America.

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