Interdiction Unit

The Highway Criminal Interdiction Unit (CIU) is a group of well-trained officers who watch your state and federal highways for illegal activity. CIU officers pursue criminals who use your roads to perpetrate their crimes.

Since March of 2003, the CIU has captured over 100 major criminals and 9 national fugitives on highways in Kansas.  They have seized over $10 million in criminal assets including $2.7 million in cash, 3½ tons of Marijuana, over 200 lbs. of Cocaine, 63 lbs. of Methamphetamines and 29 guns. Often cases lead to State and Federal prosecution of national and international crime syndicates. The CIU also aids other local, state and federal agencies by assisting with investigations and helping to train and develop thousands of officers nationwide in their field.  The Shawnee County CIU is Sgt. Brad Metz, Deputy Tracey Trammel and Deputy Brian Rhodd.